Examples of Support

Within Chippenham funding of both primary and secondary schools goes towards the enrichment and development of the pupil’s education.

From April 2017 the allocations have changed to be funded on pupil numbers. All primary schools receive £14 per child and secondary schools receive £7 per child. Schools with separate SEN provision receive £100 per child.

Abbeyfield School

Abbeyfield School is a small school on the outskirts of Chippenham. In the past, their allocation  has been used in past for a variety of schemes such as free school meals, help with uniform costs and aid in the payments of educational school trips. In recent years, the grant has also been used for the China Challenge, an opportunity for students to learn Mandarin and about the culture of China. We have also contributed to the purchase of a new minibus to help them attend events more easily.

Hardenhuish School

Hardenhuish School is a large comprehensive in the centre of Chippenham. The school opts to spend their grants on helping less fortunate children with the fees that are common with school; free school meals, uniform fees, help with the payments of educational school trips. By doing this, the school is able to provide a positive experience for students with a lower income background and ensure they are given the same opportunities as other students.

Education Officer Laura Graham-May at Waterstones with Charter School to select their books for the library

Sheldon School

Sheldon School, much like its neighbour, Hardenhuish, is a large school in the centre of Chippenham. Also like Hardenhuish, it uses their allocation to help those students from less privileged backgrounds through the free school meal schemes, uniform allowance and help with educational school trips. We recently helped them purchase a new lighting system for their theatre.

An annual fee of £6,000 is granted to the St. Nicholas school for the benefit of the school and students. Every year, it is spent on new experiences and opportunities for the students enrichment and enjoyment.

We support many different organisations such as:

  • Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre
  • Doorway – homelessness project
  • Relate Counselling for schools
  • SPLASH enrichment for young people in school holidays
  • Chippenham Folk Festival
  • Rotary Club of Wiltshire Vale
  • Chippfest Rockin the Park
  • Rag and Bone Arts Youth Theatre
  • Dorothy House Hospice specialist nurse
  • Waste Not Want Not
  • Kandu Arts Football Project for young people
  • Phoenix Amateur Dance Company

Not only do we support many organisations, but we also support many different individuals with aspects such as:

  • White goods
  • Child care costs
  • Mobility Aids
  • Training courses
  • Travel passes
  • Transport costs
  • Food vouchers
  • Furniture
  • Living Costs – food vouchers