Staff and Trustees


We have five staff here at CBLC all focusing on various different aspects of the charity.

  • Phil Tansley – Chief Executive Officer
  • Jonathan Young – Administrative Officer
  • Christine Jenkins – Welfare Officer
  • Laura Graham-May – Education and Arts Officer
  • Tony Harbour – Caretaker

Office hours are 9:00am – 3:00pm Monday to Friday; we also have a 24 hour answerphone available.


Not only do we have five dedicated staff, we also have thirteen devoted Trustees who have a wide and diverse knowledge of Chippenham and its inhabitants. Our current Trustees are:

  • Ian Humphrey (Chair)
  • Chris Dawe
  • David Sandberg
  • Huw Thomas
  • Isabel Blackburn
  • Jenny Budgell
  • Vacancy
  • Lyn Crabtree
  • Marc Allum
  • Mary Lanyon
  • Pete Bishop
  • Philip Crook
  • Vacancy