Support for Schools

  • We give grants and funding to all schools and colleges within Chippenham.
  • Our grants to primary and secondary schools go towards enrichment activities, resources, pastoral support, help with uniform costs and aid in the payments of educational school trips.
  • Schools currently get a yearly allocation of money from us called the Social Fund, which is based on a formula using numbers on role (NOR) in the January Census and number of Free School Meals in a school. This money gets allocated each new financial year once CBLC yearly budgets are confirmed. The Social Fund is issued to each school in a single cheque and should be used exclusively to help support low-income families with school uniform costs and trip subsidy.
  • The School Enrichment Fund covers funding for activities, projects and resources and can be applied for by means of grant applications during the financial year. Each school is allocated a maximum amount to apply for based on the same formula as the social fund.
  • We are unable to fund anything that should be paid for by statutory funding.

Download the School application form or call 01249 658180 for further information

Notes to Schools:

  1. Please plan your application well ahead of the proposed project, as no retrospective and/or late applications can be considered. Once an award is made then it can be claimed at any time in the current financial year but cannot be rolled over except in exceptional circumstances.
  2. The money will be paid on receipt of invoices received for your event/project/trip. We cannot pay for an event which has already happened. We require at least six weeks to process your application.
  3. Trustees like to see examples of any other financial support if it is a large, integrated project. We are happy to support complete projects/events.