Support for Individuals

  • We give grants to individuals who are currently living and have lived within the parish of Chippenham for at least 2 years.
  • Our grants are for those residents on a means tested benefit or with a single household income of less than £16,000 or £30,000 for a joint household income. If your annual income exceeds this amount then we are unlikely to be able to help you.
  • The charity gives grants where there is no other statutory or discretionary funding such as that given by the government and local authorities.
  • Our grants to individuals include funding items like white goods, furniture, food vouchers and mobility aids.
  • We also give grants for anyone studying up to and including level 3 to help with educational costs.  This may include equipment such as laptops, course fees and transport costs.
  • Our other grant available to individuals is for enrichment purposes, to help with wellbeing, inclusion and confidence for those at risk of isolation and/or mental health issues.  This should be for a group activity – for example a singing group, sports club membership, art/drama classes etc.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot help with first degrees and masters; carpets and floor coverings; and funding of individual sports persons.

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Support for Individuals

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