What We Do
Come and explore how we help the Chippenham Community

We are a place based, grant making charity here to help the people of Chippenham.

We support local individuals and organisations in welfare, education, arts and community projects. We have investments that generate a budget for us to use for the benefit of Chippenham’s inhabitants. The Borough Lands now consist of over 70 acres of land, in the centre of Chippenham, which we maintain for community use. We own several buildings in Chippenham: – Bank House in Bath Road which provides the office space for the charity, the Jubilee Building, The Arc climbing centre and skatepark together with two community centres which are rented out.


We give grants to:

  • Eligible individuals who are currently living and have lived within the Parish of Chippenham for at least 2 years*.
  • Individuals that show financial need and that funding cannot be met by alternative means (i.e. you must take up all government/local authority statutory or discretionary funding possible before we can consider helping).
  • Individuals who are on a means tested benefit or have a household income of less than £16,000 (or £30,000 for joint household income).
  • Any Organisation which benefits the residents of the Parish of Chippenham may apply. Organisations do not need to be registered as charities but must show that they are not for profit, not subject to UK taxation rules and that the purpose for which they are applying for an award is charitable and for the benefit of the local community.

We are unable to provide help in the following:

  • An individual who lives outside of the Parish of Chippenham
  • Anything that can be obtained from statutory sources (e.g. local authorities)
  • The advancement of religion
  • Political or party political activities
  • Animal Welfare
  • Retrospective applications
  • First or Masters degrees
  • Funding of individual sports persons
  • We do not as a rule, fund salaries, except the proportion related to the delivery of the project. Organisations must adhere to the relevant law on employment equality when appointing employees and volunteers.
  • Direct funding to the Local Authorities.

What are you interested in finding out more about?

  • We give grants to individuals who are currently living and have lived within the parish of Chippenham for at least 2 years*.
  • Our grants are for those residents on a means tested benefit or with a single household income of less than £16,000 or £30,000 for a joint household income.
  • The charity gives grants where there is no other statutory or discretionary funding such as that given by the government and local authorities.
  • Our grants to individuals include funding for white goods, furniture, food vouchers, debt relief, funeral costs, and mobility aids.
  • We also give grants for anyone studying up to and including level 3 to help with educational costs.  This may include equipment such as laptops, course fees and transport costs.
  • Our other grant available to individuals is for enrichment purposes, to help with wellbeing, inclusion and confidence for those at risk of isolation and/or mental health issues.  This should be for a group activity and may include sports tuition, music lessons and attending art/drama classes.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot help with first degrees and masters; carpets and floor coverings; and funding of individual sports persons.

All individual applications are treated as confidential.

*We are not able to support anyone living outside the parish of Chippenham but we can sometimes still help if you haven’t lived in the parish for the full two years if there are exceptional or extenuating circumstances.

  • We give grants to organisations or groups which benefit the residents of Chippenham.
  • Organisations do not need to be registered as charities provided that they are not for profit, not subject to UK tax rules and that the purpose they are applying for a grant is charitable and will benefit the local community.
  • Our grants to organisations and groups include funding for rent, resources, project costs, equipment and training.
  • There are some things that we may not be able to fund, for example, as a general rule, we do not fund salaries. Funding requests for capital projects such as improvements to infrastructures and fixed assets will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • We will also not provide funding to any organisation or group for:
    • the advancement of religion
    • political activities
    • animal welfare

We run the community website, One Chippenham, where we share local information and ‘what’s on’ in Chippenham. All local organisations and community groups are welcome to share their news and information via the website. Find out how here.

  • We give grants and funding to schools and colleges within the Parish of Chippenham.
  • We are currently providing funding for additional mental health support for pupils in all the secondary schools in Chippenham.
  • Primary schools can apply for a grant/grants to go towards enrichment activities, resources, pastoral support and help towards payment of educational school trips.
  • Chippenham Secondary and Primary Schools currently get a yearly allocation of money from us called the Social Fund, which is based on a formula using numbers on role (NOR) in the January Census and number of Free School Meals in a school. This money gets allocated each new financial year once CBLC yearly budgets are confirmed. The Social Fund is issued to each school in a single cheque and should be used exclusively to help support children from low-income families with e.g uniform costs, trip subsidies etc.
  • We are unable to fund anything that should be paid for by statutory funding.

We support individuals and groups/organisations that benefit the local community in providing Arts projects, events and opportunities.

We run the community website, One Chippenham, where we share local information and ‘what’s on’ in Chippenham. All local arts organisations and community groups are welcome to share their news and information via the website – read more information about that here.

We run regular ChAT (Chippenham Arts Team) meetings for Chippenham based Arts organisations and individuals responsible for arts events in the town. The meetings help with planning events and encourage collaborative and partnership working.

We run Chippenham Arts and Cultural Events (Chippenham ACE) aimed at local arts and culture groups, organisations and individuals. Providing support, events, training, networking opportunities and creating opportunities for collaborative working.

Our Education and Arts Officer also runs the ‘Chippenham Arts and Cultural Events’ Facebook group and the @ChippenhamACE Twitter feed. Follow and use the #ChippenhamCulture. Both provide places to share local events, positive ideas and get actively involved in Chippenham Arts and Culture.

To be added onto our Arts and Cultural events mailing list &/or to provide information about Arts/Culture related events please email chippenhamace@gmail.com.

Our One Chippenham website has been set up to support the local community by providing a place to find and to share information. We can include a whole blog post about your group, organisation, venue or business, which can include images and links to your website &/or social media. Find out more information here.

Construction work building the Westmead Activity Centre, or as it is now known – The Arc, on our land at Westmead Playing Fields, Chippenham was completed in February 2022. The official opening took place on Saturday 9th April. We funded the building of the new centre which includes a climbing centre, skatepark, cafe and landscaping. The climbing centre was the first designed from the ground up centre for miles around and offers roped climbing, auto belay and bouldering. It also includes an amazing outdoor climbing area. We are grateful to Sport England who provided funding of £100,000 towards the climbing centre and Wiltshire Council who provided £200,000 for the custom designed skate park.

The Arc is run by The Climbing Academy. You can find out more information about visiting The Arc climbing centre and skatepark on TCA’s website here.

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