A Self Sustaining Charity

Supporting the Chippenham Community

Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC)

We are a grant-giving charity whose origins can be traced back over 500 years

We support the community of Chippenham,
pledging our continued assistance to those who need it.

What we do

We are a place based, grant making charity with the aim of helping the people of Chippenham. We support local individuals and organisations in welfare, education, arts and community projects. We have investments that generate a budget for us to use for the benefit of Chippenham’s inhabitants. We also rent out our properties. The Borough Lands now consist of over 70 acres of land, in the centre of Chippenham, which we maintain for community use.


People & Organisations

We help eligible individuals with aspects such as mobility aids, white goods, childcare costs, training courses, travel passes, transport costs, furniture and food vouchers. We also provide support to different non-profit organisations and community groups that provide a service that benefits local Chippenham residents.



We help individuals who have a financial need and organisations that support local residents. Individuals can apply for our help, providing they are currently living within the parish of Chippenham and have done so for over two years. Organisations can only apply if their work benefits or will benefit people who live within the parish of Chippenham.



We give yearly funding to our local schools to support pupil enrichment activities and uniform costs. We are currently funding some mental health support in our local secondary schools and new resources for students at Wiltshire College & University Centre. We help eligible Chippenham residents with the costs towards a course that advances their education, although we cannot support First or Master Degrees.



As well as helping individuals and groups with projects we provide information, support, training and regular meetings/networking opportunities for Chippenham based groups, organisations and local arts professionals. We also give and share information for all local people who are interested in the Arts and Cultural events in Chippenham.


Community Projects

As well as building two Community Centres, the Charity has transformed the Westmead Open Space into a popular and welcoming amenity. The Arc, a large scale project to build a climbing centre and skatepark on the Charity’s land at Westmead Playing Field, was completed in February 2022 and a new, almost entirely wooden play park will be built later this year.

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