Improving the welfare and wellbeing of our community through grants, guidance and great places.
Our vision is a thriving Chippenham where everyone can reach their full potential

With a rich legacy spanning over centuries, Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC) is a self-sustaining charity dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of the people of Chippenham.

Through investments, we generate a budget for vital welfare grants, community group funding, green space maintenance, and recreational facilities. Our “One Chippenham” website acts as a local news and resource hub, connecting residents and promoting community engagement. We empower individuals, strengthen community bonds, and enrich Chippenham’s cultural and recreational offerings.

Enriching Community Life

As a responsible steward, CBLC maintains some of Chippenham’s green spaces, including Westmead Open Space, Mortimores Wood, Baydons Meadow and Westmead Playing field. These provide residents with opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and connection with nature whilst also contributing to the town’s environmental sustainability.

Empowering Individuals

CBLC is dedicated to empowering individuals within the Chippenham community by providing vital welfare grants. These financial resources serve as a lifeline, supporting overcoming challenges and unlocking opportunities for a better quality of life. Our grants to individuals include funding for white goods, furniture, food vouchers, debt, mobility aids, education, transport, enrichment activities and more.

Strengthening our Community

Our organisational grants nurture the voluntary and community groups and organisations that are so vital to Chippenham’s vibrancy. These grants support inclusive services, activities that promote community cohesion, and initiatives designed in partnership with residents, groups, and local statutory bodies. The funds fuel community initiatives, enabling them to thrive, address pressing issues, and create a more inclusive Chippenham. We actively encourage collaboration among like-minded organisations to amplify the impact of our grant making.

Providing Community Spaces

CBLC plays a crucial role in sustaining/managing various community spaces and places within Chippenham. From owning and operating community centres, including Pewsham Community Centre and Kingsley Road Community Hall, to providing facilities for other charitable organisations, we have created accessible gathering spaces for diverse purposes. Additionally, CBLC owns a climbing centre, café, public skatepark and children’s play park, offering recreational opportunities and promoting an active lifestyle for residents of all ages.

Connecting the Community

Our “One Chippenham” community website serves as a hub for local news, events, and support resources. It allows providers to contribute information and promotes community clubs, groups, and classes through the Chippenham Activity Finder. CBLC recognises the importance of arts and culture, actively promoting and supporting local arts groups and professionals. Through information sharing, event organisation, and networking opportunities, we nurture Chippenham’s creative community and enrich the town’s cultural landscape.

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