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Our Trustees are the people in charge of our charity. They play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about the work we do.

The full Trustee board meet quarterly. The Grants Sub-committee meet three times each year to consider grant applications and make decisions in relation to our grant funding, projects and policy. The Finance & Governance committee meets quarterly to discuss financial and general management issues for recommendation to the main board. Certain matters may be delegated to staff officers for approval, such as small grants.

The day-to-day management of the Charity is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer. There are three other members of the staff team. These include an Education and Arts Officer, an Administrative Officer and a Communications Officer. Our CEO reports directly to the Chairperson of the Trustees. The CEO and Administrative Officer work full-time, while the Arts and Education Officer, and Communications Officer work part-time at our charity.

The future aims and key objectives for the Charity are to continue to make awards whilst monitoring capital assets and investment income levels and to improve the land for the benefit of the inhabitants of Chippenham.


Communications Officer

Katie Bradbury

Katie deals with all the communications and marketing for CBLC including running the main charity and our community website, One Chippenham.

Chief Executive Officer

Beth Gardner

Beth is our CEO, providing operational leadership of our charity and direct management of our staff team.

Arts & Education Officer

Laura Graham-May

Laura is our education and community Grants Officer and also deals with all the arts related work of the charity, liaising with arts organisations and professionals.

Administrative Officer

Ben Saint

Ben aids the smooth running of our charity by providing administrative support and facilities management.


We currently have 9 Trustees who play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about the charity’s work.

All Trustees serve an initial term of office of up to four years and no longer than a maximum of two full terms of office. After two full terms of office all Trustees retire but may apply to be re-appointed after a period of two years from their retirement date.

The body of Trustees normally consists of six Nominated Trustees and up to seven Co-opted Trustees.

The Nominated Trustees are appointed, where possible, as follows:

1  Chippenham Burgesses Guild

1 Chippenham Chamber of Commerce

1 Chippenham Churches Together

1 Chippenham Town Council

1 Community

1 North Wiltshire Citizens’ Advice

Jenny Budgell

Chippenham Town Council Trustee

Linda Candy

Co-opted Trustee

Jim Cook

Co-opted Trustee
Chair of Finance & Governance sub-committee

Annette Foster

Co-opted Trustee

Sue Linacre

Burgesses Guild Trustee

Geraldine McKibbin

Co-opted Trustee
Vice Chair and Chair of Grants Committee

Jill Shadwell

Co-opted Trustee

Phil Wren

Co-opted Trustee
Chair of Trustees

Fiona Young

Chamber of Commerce Trustee