Grants for Organisations

As a place-based charity, our grants are restricted to groups and organisations working in Chippenham, our area of benefit. To be eligible for funding, your organisation must be based in and/or delivering its services within the Parish of Chippenham.

What we fund

The project, activity, or service you propose must focus on one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Increased community participation and cohesion
  • Improved physical and/or mental health with reduced health inequalities
  • Improved education and secure employment
  • More people with safe and suitable homes and a reduction of relative poverty (e.g., food, fuel)
  • Increased physical activity, participation in sports, arts, culture, and time outdoors in nature

Groups/organisations can apply to CBLC once per financial year.  We accept funding requests for core, capital, project, and event costs, spanning a single year, multi-year, or one-off event/project.

Our small grants are up to £3,000 and larger grants range from £3,000 to £10,000 per financial year.

Who we fund

Groups/organisations can apply to CBLC once per year. Your organisation will be one of the following:

  • Registered Charity
  • Unincorporated Association (a small organisation with members)
  • Company limited by Guarantee
  • Community Interest Company
  • Local Authority
  • Voluntary Group
  • School/College
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisation
  • Charitable Trust
  • Community Amateur Sports Club
  • Registered Society
  • Co-operative Society
  • Community Benefit Society
  • Company Limited by Shares (not for profit only)

To be considered for funding, your organisation should have a constitution, community bank account and a management committee with at least two unrelated directors. We also accept grant requests from Chippenham schools, Wiltshire College and University Centre and local government organisations.

What we do not fund

Please note that we cannot provide funding for activities that can be covered by statutory funding or that fall into the following category: –

  • political activities
  • activities that promote religious beliefs or involve the advancement of religion
  • animal welfare projects
  • projects with no significant community or charitable element
  • projects that have already started before a grant can be awarded
  • activities that raise funds for other organisations
  • anything which is the primary responsibility of a statutory body

Grant Funding Rounds

We operate on a grant round system with three application deadlines per year.

Our grant review process depends on the size and complexity of the request. Larger grants above £3,000 and/or requests that are more complex will be reviewed by our Grant Committee for a decision by trustees.

Grant proposals below £3,000 that align with our internal criteria may be processed by our staff team outside of committee.

What this Means

All grant applications must be submitted by a deadline to be considered for that funding cycle. Our Grant Committee meeting takes place following each deadline.  Applications received after a deadline will be held for review in the next grant round.

Please note that if we receive too many applications for a given grant round, we reserve the right to move some applications to the following cycle to allow for a thorough review process. It is in your best interest to submit applications as early as possible.

Funding decisions are announced within 2 months after the application deadline.

When to apply

Our grant round application deadlines for this financial year (1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025) are: – 

  Application Deadline Meeting Awarded
Round 1


Application Deadline: Saturday 1st June 2024


July By 1st August
Round 2 


Application Deadline: Tuesday 1st October 2024


November By 1st December
Round 3


Application Deadline: Saturday 1st February 2025 March By 1st April

How to apply

Please complete our eligibility form below. If you meet our eligibility criteria you will be able to proceed to complete an online application form. You can save your progress and return to the online Application Form at a later time.

You are welcome to contact our team via or by telephone on 01249 658180 to discuss your proposal before you submit an application.