Individual Grant Terms and Conditions

Please review carefully and contact us via with any questions before accepting your grant offer.

  1. Purpose of the Grant

This grant is offered to provide approved goods, services or financial assistance for your specific needs outlined in your grant offer email. These may include mobility aids, white goods, furniture, debt relief, emergency provisions, funeral expenses, counselling, leisure activities, education resources, travel, course fees, etc.

  1. Eligible Provisions

The grant will only cover approved provisions specified and approved in your grant offer email.

  1. Grant Provisions

Approved goods/services will be provided directly by our designated suppliers. Financial assistance will be paid directly to providers.

Debt relief – These are entities you owe money to, such as utility providers, local council etc. Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC) will pay these creditors directly on your behalf for approved debt relief.

Providers – These are companies or organisations providing approved goods and services covered by the grant, such as furniture/white goods suppliers, educational institutions, etc. CBLC will pay these providers directly.

By accepting this grant, you give permission for Chippenham Borough Lands Charity to share your name, address, and relevant contact details with providers to facilitate the approved grant provisions. No funds will be paid directly to you as the grant recipient.

  1. Gift Card/Voucher Provisions

If your grant includes emergency provisions such as food, these may be provided through gift cards or vouchers given directly to you. However, these must only be used for their intended purpose as an emergency provision for your own needs. Reselling, transferring, or using the vouchers/cards for unauthorised purchases is prohibited.

  1. Changes to Approved Provisions

Any changes must be requested by you in writing and approved in advance. For example, getting approval for a different piece of furniture or to attend a different college course.

  1. Grant Cancellation

If your circumstances change and you no longer need the granted provisions, you must notify us immediately.

  1. No Reselling/Gifting

Goods provided through this grant cannot be resold or gifted. Doing so may result in liability for costs.

  1. Termination

Chippenham Borough Lands Charity reserves termination rights if you fail to comply with these terms or if funding circumstances change.

  1. Liability

The organisation is not liable for damages/injuries from use of granted provisions.

  1. Acceptance

Accepting this offer indicates your agreement to abide by these terms and conditions.