Organisation Grant Terms & Conditions


  • “You” or “your” refers to the grant recipient outlined in the grant offer letter.
  • “We,” “us,” or “our” refers to the Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC).


This grant agreement is effective upon receipt of the signed acceptance form and remains in effect until the grant funds have been fully utilised as agreed.

Grant Use

  • The grant must be used only for the charitable purpose approved by CBLC.
  • You must notify us within 30 days of any changes that could significantly impact the project or grant.
  • You must get our written approval before changing the project’s purpose or scope.
  • You must promptly notify us of any legal claims, investigations, or other incidents related to the grant or project that could warrant reporting.
  • You must maintain appropriate insurance for the project as necessary.

Payment & Finance

  • We will pay the grant to your nominated bank account per the details provided in your application form.
  • Any unused funds must be returned to us.
  • You must track the grant funds separately in your accounts.
  • You must submit financial records and progress reports showing use of funds at the project completion or yearly (in the case of a multi-year grant)
  • Any unused funds must be returned to us within 30 days of project completion.

Monitoring & Reporting

  • You must provide any information we request to monitor and evaluate the grant use and project.
  • We may conduct site visits to review grant use and outcomes.
  • Any unused funds must be returned to us.
  • We may withhold or request repayment of funds if false information is provided, funds are improperly used, or if your organisation becomes insolvent.
  • We may require issues to be resolved to our satisfaction before releasing additional payments.

Data Protection & Compliance

  • We may use the information you provide for administration, analysis, marketing, and research.
  • Vulnerable groups’ details will be kept confidential.
  • You must follow applicable laws and protect vulnerable individuals and groups in your care.
  • You must ensure all information provided is true and promptly notify us of any changes.
  • You must avoid conflicts of interest related to the grant or project.

 Extensions and Changes

  • Please contact a Grants Officer as soon as possible to request and get approval for changes agreed in writing.

Acknowledgment & Publicity

  • You must acknowledge the support of “Chippenham Borough Lands Charity” in any publications, announcements, copy and print or online media related to the grant project.
  • We may publicise details of projects we have funded.