Westmead Open Space

The Charity’s land to the west of Pewsham Way known as Westmead Open Space has received a lot of attention over the last five years. Thousands of new trees were planted with help from Chippenham residents, schools and other organisations and these are beginning to take hold. We have increased pathways and created a larger car park to enable more people, including those with mobility issues to enjoy the land.

The new Woodland Creatures Trail was officially opened in September 2021. The trail followed the creation and installation of a beautiful wooden owl statue, courtesy of Wiltshire College & University Centre to officially mark our new partnership.

We are hoping that our thriving relationship with the College will allow us to make more enhancements to make Westmead Open Space even better. Have you any suggestions? Please let us know by calling our office on 01249 658180 or by email to admin@cblc.org.uk.