• 29th December 2018

New Climbing Centre and Skate Park – Planning application currently with Wiltshire Council

New Climbing Centre and Skate Park – Planning application currently with Wiltshire Council

New Climbing Centre and Skate Park – Planning application currently with Wiltshire Council 1024 683 Chippenham Borough Lands Charity

Did you know that we are planning to build a world class, purpose built climbing Centre and skate park right here in Chippenham?

We recently submitted planning permission to build the new climbing centre and skate park at Westmead Recreation grounds. The Climbing Centre includes interior & exterior climbing walls, bouldering, changing areas and a café. The Planning Application also includes landscaping and an outline application for a community hub and wider development of the Westmead Recreation ground and open space.  To access detailed plans – https://unidoc.wiltshire.gov.uk/UniDoc/Document/Search/DSA,894834

The world-class design for the Climbing Centre includes both interior and exterior walls that are reconfigurable to keep it both challenging and interesting. Designed for beginners and experts alike, and for all abilities, it’s a unique opportunity to provide our friends, families and ourselves with a great resource to join in one of the fastest growing sports. As the only custom built, all weather sports climbing facility for miles around, it will put Chippenham firmly on the map. Individuals and organisations such as Schools & Colleges, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts etc and others will all be able to benefit.

The new skate park will also be a welcome addition for the town’s children and young people, after a decade of waiting. We have used market leaders, Canvas (http://www.canvasspaces.co.uk) who are specialists in their field, to design the park, so we are confident that it will meet the expectations of local skaters. Chippenham skaters have been waiting for over a decade after the failed attempt to build a skate park in Monkton Park. This is a Wiltshire Council funded and supported solution.

We have, together with Elkin Architects, taken great care to address the local issues of noise, flooding and behaviour to ensure the success of the project. The environmentally friendly wooden clad design places essential buildings above potential flood levels. Any potential noise from the skate park is shielded by buildings and masked by existing levels of traffic noise from Avenue La Fleche. Closing the skate park at night, enclosing the area with security fencing and CCTV will also help to prevent any anti social behaviour.

Five new sports are being introduced to the next Olympics in Tokyo 2020. Skateboarding and Sport Climbing are two of them, and the new facilities will ensure that Chippenham will be at the forefront of bringing these sports to our area.   The building of the Climbing Centre, Skate Park and the Westmead Hub continue our long history of the provision of recreation and leisure facilities for the people of Chippenham.

But we need your support!


  • Many of the potential users of this fabulous facility are unaware that it’s coming.
  • After a successful pre-planning process, Wiltshire Council currently has our full Planning Application and members of the public are invited to comment with their views on the plans by the 10th January, 2019. We need you to show your support for the plans by commenting and having your say.
  • Chippenham Town Council are meeting at 7pm on Thursday 3rd January to discuss the planning application. Members of the public are welcome to attend the first half hour of their meeting. We would love to see members of the community there showing their support for the plans at the meeting.

How can you help?

Please comment on the Wiltshire Council website by 10th January to show your support for the application for your own sake and for those who will benefit from this. The link to the page where you can comment on the application is at http://bit.ly/2Afoq1x

Thank you for your interest and support,

The Trustees and Staff at Chippenham Borough Lands Charity.