• 6th March 2020

Fringe FEb Thanks!

Fringe FEb Thanks!

Fringe FEb Thanks! 1024 683 Chippenham Borough Lands Charity

It was fantastic to see so much fun, colour and talent in Chippenham last weekend with the town full of music, comedy, performance, dancing, photography, art, craft, poetry, talks and a market.  

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the different individuals, groups and organisations who joined in, took part and helped with the Fringe Feb. Your support enabled us to put together a varied and full programme of events, most of which came from the huge amounts of talent within Chippenham community. Thanks also to the Wiltshire Times for this fantastic article about the event.

“I’m thrilled with how our first Fringe Feb event went.  We had an array of local arts professionals and community groups involved, all taking up the challenge of producing interactive, fun and engaging events to showcase the breadth of talent and brilliance here in Chippenham. At best, the arts are engaging and inclusive, broad and accepting, warm and inspiring and we think that that’s exactly what Fringe Feb was. We’d love to do it again and we hope that you would like us to too.”

Laura Graham-May, Arts & Education Officer, CBLC

We would love to get feedback from anyone who attended or took part in Fringe Feb to gauge whether people would like to see the event continue again next year.

Perhaps you would be interested in taking part another year or have other suggestions for community wide Arts events. Please complete this short survey to let us know what you think &/or get in touch with us via admin@cblc.org.uk