Westmead Skate Park & Climbing Centre

We know that Chippenham skateboarders have waited over a decade to have a place of their own. Thanks to funding assistance from Wiltshire Council, we have submitted a full planning application to build a custom designed skate park on the former playing fields at Westmead. Designed by the leading experts at CANVAS, this will be a fantastic facility for skateboarders of all ages, as well as for scooters and roller blades. Even more exciting will be the purpose-built Climbing Centre beside it. This will be the first designed from the ground up centre for miles around and will feature both indoor and outdoor walls as well as bouldering facilities. It will be designed and made by the leading UK team at Walltopia and managed by TCA who are highly experienced in this area. We have received many messages of support from the locals and have taken great care to address the concerns of local residents. All being well, we hope to have these ready for action before the end of 2020, the year in which Sport Climbing and Skateboarding become Olympic sports!