• 13th February 2020



FRINGE FEB 1024 858 Chippenham Borough Lands Charity

Our Chippenham Ace Group have put together an exciting new event in Chippenham for 3 days at the end of February.

From the 27-29 February Chippenham is going to come alive with music, comedy, performance and dancing to photography, craft, poetry, talks and markets. The events take place across multiple venues including outdoors in the town centre too. We hope that there is something on offer for anyone interested in arts and culture in Chippenham.

Fringe Feb gives the chance for local arts professionals and independent businesses to showcase the breadth of talent here. Click here to see more information about the Chippenham Ace group and scroll down to see the full programme details for Fringe Feb with links to many of the different individual events.

A selection of some of the posters from different events that make up Fringe Feb